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10 Delightful Ways Travel Can Change Your Life

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For Women age 50+      This is not your Mother’s retirement plan.
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Janine (Jan) L. Moore

I’m Jan, a feisty, fun-loving      Lifestyle Career Coach.

I’m sure you already have the skills needed to enjoy more freedom and flexibility in your life and work.

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Tdavel after 50 years old

I can help you create a

Travel Lifestyle Plan

that shows how you can afford

more travel adventures.

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Travel Blog

Travel Blog

Here, you’ll find stories of women who share how they can afford to travel while they save money and have an income.

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Why a Labyrinth as a symbol for the Freedom Lifestyle? 

A Labyrinth is a metaphor for the Journey to the Centre of your Deepest Self, and then back into the world with a broader understanding of who you are.

Walking the Labyrinth is a meandering but Purposeful Path.

My intention is to help you Come Home to Yourself.

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