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Worried you can’t afford to retire?

You really can …

Retire the Daily Job Grind

Find your Voice and Purpose

Enjoy a Portable Income

Hello and Welcome!               

I’m Jan, a feisty, fun-loving Lifestyle Career Coach.

I want to help you escape the daily job grind and enjoy Meaningful Work and a Freedom Lifestyle that’s more fun than retirement.


You want to travel but think you can’t afford it.

If you long to Travel, but are not sure how you can afford it, see if you’d like to start my Online Course: How to Save & Make Money While You Travel

It is possible to enjoy a 6-figure Lifestyle on $30,000 a year or less.

Please ignore Financial Planners who scold you about needing at least $1-million in the bank.

They’re wrong!



You want enjoyable work that fits your lifestyle.

Are you thinking …

What should I do with the rest of my life?

I feel trapped in a job with no escape route.

I’d like meaningful work I enjoy – that fits my lifestyle.

You can start by downloading my Free eBook: Create Career Joy!


Create Career Joy! covers 10 Steps to get you headed in the right direction.

These steps will help you design the life you want to lead and enjoyable work that will support it.

You also have the Option to be Coached through the process Step-By-Step along the way.


Want to know who lives the longest and happiest lives?

Those who live long & happy lives have this in common:

  • Their lives have Purpose and Meaning.
  • They Laugh a lot and Enjoy themselves.
  • They deliberately Choose to do What Makes Them Happy.

Pretty simple recipe for success.

The question is: Are you following it?

Get the eBook: Create Career Joy!

This will give you future updates about women who enjoy a Freedom Lifestyle.


Live without regret!


P.S. Send me your questions. Click the Contact Tab.

I want to help.

Life is short. Live it well.