Sometimes we are laid off when we least expect it. At other times we choose early retirement voluntarily. Either way, Boomers are discovering their career planning is continuing long past the Freedom 55 ads suggest. It’s better to have a plan in place before you need it – so you can take positive steps to live a future you desire.

Who do I work with?

Women who want to make a midlife career change that fits their lifestyle. I help those who are wondering how to support themselves while putting their soul and passion into work that will make a meaningful difference in the world.

Why are my services specifically for Boomer women in midlife career change?

It is Boomer women who have the most anxiety about how they will be able to afford to fund their future life goals. Women tend to have lower savings than men along with increased longevity. They are looking for financial stability as they age.

In midlife, women often feel an urge to pursue a path that meets their own interests after serving family and workplace needs for 30+ years.

What’s the Solution I provide?

My workshops offer the time, breathing space and a supportive community along with the tools to use to do some soul-searching to determine who you really are at your core and how to express more of this in your life and work. The end result is the creation of your own Dream Life/Work Plan. This will help you create a concrete plan to support yourself financially.

Why are so many Boomer women choosing self-employment?

Many are deciding to explore self-employment as a future path because it enables then to write their own ‘job description.’ It’s empowering to create work you enjoy doing and be able to do it when and where you want so it fits a flexible schedule to match your life.

Social entrepreneurship is becoming an attractive option as it is focused on giving something back to the world. I hope Boomer women will choose to partner with or hire members of Gen Y. This will enable them to tap into the tech savvy of the younger generation – while contributing employment to an under-employed generation. Social entrepreneurship shows signs of becoming the way all work will be done in the future.

The greatest financial stability will arise from having multiple sources of income. Depending on your needs, this can include government pension funds, a part-time job, and income from self-employment or rental property. It is my goal to help Boomer women explore all of the many options available. That’s what can alleviate the anxiety.

What are some essential steps to take?

Identify your Core Values, Interests and the Skills you most enjoy using. Explore the variety of work options in which to apply them. Identify any new skills you’d like to learn or further develop. Lifelong learning is essential. It’s no longer optional. Formal education is only one of the ways we learn.

What motivated me to choose self-employment and how can I help you?

My government-funded employment contract changed dramatically. It became much more bureaucratic and less client-centric. At the same time, traditional job search tools like resumes and cover letters – were no longer delivering the desired results. Clients would spend weeks or months polishing these tools – send them off to employers – then never hear back from them.

At other times, they would be hired by a new company – only to learn that the job was a bad fit or the management style was too controlling and inflexible. Clients expressed increased interest in having meaningful work they felt passionate about. It soon became obvious that I could only help with this if I left the government-mandated services.

I created my midlife career change services based on more than 20 years helping clients with career decision-making along with my personal experience of career transition.

Why is career planning important?

Career planning puts you in control of your own future – rather than waiting for circumstances to force a change. As ‘jobs for life’ are pretty much a thing of the past – ongoing career planning becomes essential throughout life. Working in alignment with your core values will allow you to take your soul to work. This desire seems to surface more often in midlife as we want the opportunity to express more of who we are.

Why should you define your future lifestyle needs?

Once you’ve clearly defined your lifestyle preferences, it will enable you to cost out the finances you’ll need to support your choices. A financial planner will not be able to help you effectively until you know this. I recommend you figure this out before you meet with one.

Does age discrimination exist?

Yes – and it can happen at any age. Employers claim some job seekers are too young and inexperienced while others say your many years of experience must mean you will cost them more than they are willing to pay. Either can be a Catch-22 situation.

Recognize the many positive attributes of mature workers and how to market them effectively with or without a resume. Not every form of work requires the use of traditional job search tools.

Where are the jobs for Boomer women?

Try changing the question to: Who needs my skills? It will open up opportunities that can match both your skills and interests. It’s another reason why women are choosing self-employment.

What surprises me most?

People tell me they don’t like to feel out of their comfort zone. Transitioning out of a full-time job will take you out of your comfort zone – whether or not you leave willingly. Both an unexpected layoff notice and a planned retirement will require an adjustment period.

Many retirees who have left work without a plan will tell you it’s not the endless vacation time they had expected. They wish they had been better prepared. It’s really important to have a Plan B before you need it. Keep in mind that living out of our comfort zone is how we grow.

I invite you to Take Action to create your Plan B.

I’m here if you want me to help you create it.