FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  (Nanaimo, BC - April 21, 2015)

Career Counsellor, Janine Moore, is presenting a new workshop, targeted for Baby Boomer Women, called Portable Employment: Make Money While You Travel, on Saturday, May 9, at Emery Hall, in Colwood, BC.

With over twenty years of experience helping people with career change, Moore has seen the sad effects of Boomer women trapped in a job situation that makes them miserable. Determined to help midlife career changers create the life they want to lead, Moore is leading a series of workshops on Vancouver Island, including this stop in Colwood.

The workshop helps women change stereotypical thinking of squeezing in their lifestyle around work. Instead of just sitting in an office cubicle dreaming about the freedom to explore foreign lands, they will learn how to support their passion for wanderlust, and find a way to pay for it.

Moore leads the morning session with a focus on how to combine work and travel. In the afternoon, Career Counsellor and Artist, Janet McDonald will help participants to create an art piece, to quiet the fears that might hold them back from living their dreams.

Designed to be fun, practical, and engaging, the workshop goals are to:

  • Understand it is possible to work when and where you want.
  • Know how travel can make you richer and cost less than staying at home.
  • Overcome the fears that can prevent enjoying work/life balance.

Workshop attendees will learn that there are many options for a flexible income that could fund their travels, and many ways to reduce the amount of money needed while on the road. What’s needed most is a dose of creativity, some good ideas, and a plan that’s customized for their skills and interests.

Many women have a real fear of outliving their post-retirement income. They need to take time out of their busy lives now, to design a viable plan for their future. It’s not realistic to be able to save for a 30-year vacation. Moore’s workshop can show them how to combine work with travel instead.

“Apart from income, midlife women are craving purpose and meaning in their work,” explains Moore. “The more clarity they have, the more opportunities they’ll discover. The older we get, the more important it becomes to fit work into our chosen lifestyle, rather than the reverse.”

Moore encourages Boomer women to consider portable employment in her unique book, Work On Your Own Terms, in midlife and beyond. It’s available on Amazon, and proceeds from her sales go to support, and

For details about the Portable Employment Workshop in Colwood, and more information about the book, the author, and a pending Women’s Retreat, visit

About Janine Moore:

Janine Moore is a speaker, author, and multi-faceted life coach who empowers women to make positive changes in their lives. She is author of Work On Your Own Terms, and Create Career Joy.

For over twenty years, she has been a career counsellor, both employed, and as an entrepreneur, and has helped hundreds of women make life-altering career choices. Janine’s books, workshops, and coaching, are all focused on encouraging women to make powerful changes to fulfill a life of their dreams.

Janine holds a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Training, and has extensive counsellor training. Devoted to life-long learning, she is also a qualified instructor of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and is certified as a Life Skills Coach, Seniors Advisor, and Retirement Coach.

Janine lives on Gabriola Island in British Columbia, Canada, with her husband Tony, and little dog Newman. When not traveling around in their RV, she can been seen and heard singing, dancing, or playing out-of-tune songs on her ukulele.