Work On Your Own Terms

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Find Your Voice and Use it!

After a layoff in your 50s, after employers tell you you're too old and after society believes you to be invisible - is when at last - you can Find Your Voice & Use It to Make A Difference.

Are you a midlife working woman who wants to:

  • Love your work and enjoy more freedom?
  • Travel in a meaningful way?
  • Recapture the idealism of your youth and use it to make a difference?

Harness the power of brain plasticity and quantum physics to overcome the six primary fears that hold you back. Change your mind so you no longer fear poverty, criticism, poor health, loss of love, aging or death.

Take a thought-provoking, quirky look at how to fulfill your potential. Recognize that a midlife career change is exciting – because you finally have the chance to do the work you love!

Work on your Own Terms Back CoverHear and express your own voice. Examine your beliefs and walk through the steps that interlock the puzzle of your life so that you are the only piece that completes it. In 30 days or less, you will be able to visualize a compelling future.

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What others say about: Work On Your Own Terms

"Jan is conscientious, passionate, enlightened, knowledgeable and, as a "blooming boomer," is living her message. Facing those fears that hold most of us back, she is following her passion -- to help others find fulfillment in a new life-work direction -- maximizing potential in midlife and beyond. Inspirational, practical, directional, thought-provoking and encouraging. This book has been written just in time for me (and for you)."

Liz McKnight, Art Therapist, MEd, DVATI, BCATR

"Brimming with inspirational quotes and personal insights from the author's twenty years as a career counsellor, Work On Your Own Terms is an enjoyable and motivational tool for people of any age contemplating a career move."

Darlene Mace, Real Estate Agent, Coast Realty Group

"A plastic brain, quantum physics, and unlimited opportunity -- oh my! I never thought my future would look so bright! Jan Moore dares us to explore our fears of breaking out of the status quo and gives us a practical guide to living a meaningful life filled with passion. Her book is quirky, punchy, out of the box, and thoroughly enjoyable. I only wish I had read this in my twenties!"

Janet McDonald, Life Coach, Career Counsellor (CCDP), Artist;

“I had the pleasure of reading Jan Moore's book and was delighted with her no nonsense straight-forward approach. I found the book to be informative, humorous and easy to follow. Along with some good tips from her personal experience there were many good references for further informative reading. I was also intrigued by her reference to Sue Fredrick who uses numerology to find ideal career paths. I would highly recommend this book if you are at a cross-road in your life, unhappy in your current job or want some helpful tools for self-employment.”

Irene Williams, Recently Retired, House Sitter & Traveller

“Work On Your Own Terms, by Jan Moore, is a thoughtful and practical book for those of us ‘Blooming Boomers’ who want to know if there is more to life than work. Jan examines the key fears of mid-lifers and offers advice to help us achieve a healthy and meaningful life-work balance in midlife and beyond. I highly recommend Jan’s book to those who may be lost in work transition or who seek the freedom to live their values more fully.”

Wanda Brown, BA, RRP, Rehabilitation Worker