2012 survey of hiring managers at 500 U.S. companies
(Braun Research survey, August 2012)

  • 91% said mature workers are reliable.
  • 85% regard older workers as professional.
  • 77% said older workers are good listeners.
  • 77% said older workers are organized.
  • 75% said they have a strong work ethic.
  • 75% said they have strong leadership skills.

HR Professionals cited the Advantages of Older Workers:
( Report from the Society for Human Resource Management (2003) Older Workers Survey)

  • 72% said it’s their willingness to work different schedules.
  • 72% said they have invaluable experience.
  • 72% said they serve as mentors.
  • 69% said they have a strong work ethic.
  • 68% said they are more reliable.

A 2012 survey of small business owners in Canada finds:
(Source: Investor’s Group (2012) A little bit older, A little bit wiser)

  • 85% of small business owners said workers age 65+ are just as productive as younger workers.
  • 79% agreed that older workers have the required level of energy and ambition for their jobs.

Tip for those of you updating your resumes – include these personal qualities as some of your selling points.