Do you ever lie awake at night pondering,

  1. Can I remain healthy for the next 30+ years?
  2. Will I have enough money to live on?
  3. Why can’t I have work-life balance and flexible hours?
  4. How can I have more time for family, friends and hobbies?
  5. I want to travel more often. 3 weeks vacation a year is not enough.
  6. Does my life have purpose and meaning?

Do you have a different dream?

  1. You enjoy a balanced life that promotes good health.
  2. You work at what you love and make money from it.
  3. You set your own hours.
  4. You have time for family, friends and hobbies.
  5. You can travel where and when you want.
  6. You are living a meaningful life and making a difference.

It’s actually not that difficult. You just need time to plan it.

In the past, many of us have allowed others to define us.

Midlife wisdom nudges us to create our own identity. When we change our perception of who we are, we can unleash our own personal genius and take action to make our dreams come true.

What new identity would you like to create?

It is possible to create a life and a career you can love – at any age. There are many examples from those who have blazed the trail ahead of us. As business guru, Peter Drucker, has wisely said, “the only way to predict the future is to create it.”

Government does not have the solution to combat the high unemployment rate among older workers. If it did, wouldn’t the problem already have been solved?

As Boomers tend to be a fairly independent bunch, it’s probably best to make our own choices. Do you really want to be told what to do?

All you need is a little guidance to help you create your own ideal future of work to perfectly match who you are. Sidestep the people telling you it can’t be done and learn from those who are already working on their own terms.