The Top Dreams for Adults age 50+

  • More time to travel for extended periods.
  • Opportunity to pursue hobbies and interests.
  • Increased free time to spend with family & friends.
  • Time to explore and have adventures.
  • A means to express creativity.
  • Meaningful work that makes a difference.
  • A chance to learn something new.
  • Explore freelance and self-employment options.
  • Opportunity to leave a legacy.

What are your dreams?

Compare the above dreams with results of a 2009 Study
(Hewlett, S.A. et al – Bookend Generations, Centre for Work-Life Policy)

  • 87% of Boomers rate flexible work arrangements as important.
  • 91% of Boomers prize autonomy.
  • 75% are motivated to work harder by having the ability to work remotely, at their discretion.

Boomers are seeking more flexible work arrangements to have time for other interests.