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Welcome to your Freedom Lifestyle!

Want more Freedom to Travel?

Think you can't afford it?

This Course is for you!


I'll give you tips you can use to Pack Your Bags and Go right away.



Travel can transform you.


Backpacking through Europe in my 20s changed me. I hadn’t realized it at the time, but it turned out that I was on a sort of pilgrimage to help me figure out what life was all about. My travels enabled me to view the world through the eyes of other cultures and perspectives. My journey was indeed an eye-opener.


A pivotal moment came while I was playing Backgammon on the Greek island of Ios. I realized while chatting ( in broken English ) with the relatively poor locals, how much happier they were than the folks back home. Those conversations, combined with my ability to live well on $3,500 for the year, and out of a single backpack, introduced me to the joys of simplicity.


I learned about the tradition Greeks have of breaking plates after a meal. The tradition started when a rich family invited a poor family to dinner. To make the invited family feel better, the hosts told them to break the plates to prove that friendship was more important than material possessions.


My year-long travel made me aware that many “poor” people Abroad experience more purpose, meaning, love and joy than do many North Americans. They are more grounded in a way that makes them feel valued as humans.


I was often invited into people’s homes, given a meal, a bed – and sometimes asked to stay for a few days or weeks. This was my first introduction to the sharing economy.


While in Spain, I had a private guided tour of the Alhambra and was treated to wine at a family Bodega. I was offered the loan of a villa overlooking the Mediterranean rent-free for six weeks in exchange for looking after the property. I was hosted at Mardi Gras celebrations on the Canary Island of Tenerife.


People were friendly everywhere I went.


The culture shock only came when I returned home to North America. Wow! Seeing your home country through new eyes was an awakening. The consumer lifestyle was everywhere along with so many unhappy people. Unfortunately, I soon became trapped back in that lifestyle.


I’m itching to travel again for the same reasons many others are choosing it. I know that personal growth comes from stretching outside my comfort zone. I’m longing to see more of the wonders of the world and to experience daily life in other cultures.


For now, my 15-year old dog restricts my travels to North America. We have an RV so my dog can travel with us. Luckily, this offers plenty of places I want to explore.


Part of my impetus to resume long-stay travel comes from losing two people to cancer. A friend died at age 52 and my father died at age 57. Cynthia had travelled extensively and wanted to keep going. My father was saving his world travels until he retired at age 60.


If you want to travel, it’s best not to delay.


Women choose Adventure Travel for the following BENEFITS:


• A life-changing experience.

• Personal growth and challenge.

• Make a midlife career change.

• Mindfulness and transformation.

• Connect with new people.

• Experience the natural environment.

• Broadened perspective and cultural understanding.

• Meaningful and unique experiences that are off-the-beaten path.


I want to show you how you can afford to travel.

As many of us will be putting notions of a traditional retirement on the back-burner,

I decided to use travel as a means to explore the wide variety of portable employment options.


Feedback from my Live Workshop participants:


“My eyes were really opened to amazing new possibilities for expanding my opportunities in work and travelling.

I’m excited to put these new ideas into action.”



“I felt alone and worried about what I’d do, but now I’m thrilled to have options, inspiration,

food-for-thought and time to plan.”

 Ida B.


“Learned a lot about myself. Excellent workshop that will bring about growth, change and increased passion.”

 Linda J.


“This workshop gave me the chance to consider things that I never would have done on my own.

It gave me ideas on how to start planning for my transition to retirement from my full-time job.”

Sharon C.


“The most valuable thing I learned is that I’m not alone in this struggle – to make a plan to go forward into something I want to do. I think overall, the main point is that I CAN do it. Changed my thinking.”

 Mary W.


“I thought I was alone in this trap. I was relieved to find out that I wasn’t and that there is a way out and

learning it’s not too late to change your course.”

 Aileen B.


“The sharing was invaluable.”

 Audrie L.


“A helpful discussion on how we, as women, can neglect to take a clear look at our future finances and a clear plan that starts from your ideal dream self and moves forward from there.”

 Kathleen B.


“Gave me ideas that never crossed my mind before.”

 Joanna A.


“This workshop re-affirmed the value of community. It was like a visit with friends.”

 Christine A.


Do you want to use travel to find your voice and purpose?


Would you like to walk through fear and have more fun?


Would you like to explore your portable work options?


Are you looking for a community so you don’t feel so alone?


Do you want to be able to tell your own stories?



 Travel Writer, Dan Prescher asks:

“If you knew you could live a happier, healthier, more exciting life in a place with better weather and high-quality health care for half the price you’re living right now… would you do it?”


I've made Midlife Transition fun!


What I know for sure is Self-knowledge is essential prior to a Meaningful Career Change. 

And guiding women through that process is my specialty.

It’s my Passion and my Purpose.



Is this Course right for you?


Ask yourself two questions:

Do I currently have a Freedom Lifestyle?

Do I enjoy more than 3 weeks vacation a year?

If the answer to these questions is “No” make it your goal to discover how to enjoy the Lifestyle you want to live.


This Course will help you:

  • Decide the Lifestyle you want to Live.
  • Get the Support you need to Live your Freedom Lifestyle.
  • Learn how to Save & Make Money while you Travel.
  • Join a Community you can share ideas with and potentially meet up with during your travels.
  • Understand how it really is possible for you to enjoy a 6-figure Lifestyle on $30,000 a year or less.


Here’s how I’ll help you learn:

Get the information you need to help you Save and Make Money While You Travel.

You will have Step-By-Step guidance and 1:1 Coaching. 

You can download my DONE-FOR-YOU Research right away. (Steps 10 & 11)


I’ll walk you through these 15 Steps.

Save & Make Money While You Travel

STEP 1 – Why WOMEN have an EDGE with FUTURE WORK


STEP 3 – What’s your FOUNDATION?

STEP 4 – Identify your CORE VALUES. Know your WHY.

STEP 5 – What it means to LIVE RICH.

STEP 6 – WHERE do you want to LIVE & TRAVEL?

STEP 7 – Choose a DESTINATION. Get ready to PACK YOUR BAGS


STEP 9 – What about HEALTH CARE?






STEP 15 – NEXT STEP – Attend a LIVE RETREAT [ Optional ]

Printable Worksheets

You’ll have a Printout of your Freedom Lifestyle Plan.

Personal Feedback and Online Discussion

You can post your progress, questions and challenges Online. I will coach you via email.

You can also get valuable insights from other Course participants.

90-minute Coaching Call

Once completed, book a 90-minute Coaching Call to celebrate completion of your Freedom Lifestyle Plan

and review your next steps.

vector-travel-suitcase-20BENEFITS FOR YOU


1. Personal Coaching from me to help you Save & Make Money While You Travel.

Use just ONE TIP and the Course will pay for itself.


2. Community of Women on a similar path.

  • A supportive Community who meet on a Private Online platform.
  • This encourages brainstorming ideas and collaboration.
  • You may even meet a future travel companion.
  • Interviews with women who are enjoying a Freedom Lifestyle.
  • You can remain a Member in our Community as long as you like.


3. Freedom Lifestyle Plan + Private 90-minute Coaching. 

  • You will be invited to join our Private Members Group.
  • Here, you can send in Virtual Postcards of your Travels and see where others are off exploring.
  • It’s also where I’ll share updates.

You will also be able to Book a 90-minute Coaching Call to celebrate completion of your Freedom Lifestyle Plan and review your next steps.

I will send you the Private Members link once you join our Group. 


GO TRAVELjoin-now


If you try these tips you can easily Save or Make Back the Course fee. Use several tips, and you can save or make several thousand dollars. If you get stuck, let me know and I’ll help you find a solution.

I invite you to ask questions.

Send them to me via:

Get your Bucket List out of your Junk Drawer.

Start to live It!

I look forward to meeting you somewhere down the road,


P.S. GO TRAVEL! Start the Course if Saving & Making Money While You Travel sounds like fun to you.


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