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These are some of my favourite books. They can help you transition to a Travel Freedom Lifestyle.

The Authentic Career

by: Maggie Craddock

Your Money or Your Life

by: Joe Dominguez & Vicki Robin

The Power of Intention

by: Wayne Dyer

Man's Search for Meaning

by: Viktor Frankl

Free Agent Nation

by: Daniel Pink

It's Only Too Late If You Don't Start Now

by: Barbar Sher

Do What You Are

by: P. D. Tieger & B. Barron-Tieger

The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

by: Bronnie Ware

Making a Living Without a Job

by: Barbara J. Winter

Creating You & Co.

by: William Bridges

Voluntary Simplicity

by: Duane Elgin

The $100 Startup

by: Chris Guillebeau

The Small-Mart Revolution

by: Michael H. Shuman

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

by: Natalie Sisson

Work Your Way Around the World

by: Susan Griffith