Travel is one of the best ways to reignite enjoyment in life. It can also spark your creativity and new ways to make a living.

We keep being told that Freedom 55 has turned into Freedom 85. So, why not earn while you travel and stop worrying you haven’t saved enough to retire?

Many Boomers are heading down the open road in an RV. Melissa Dafnis, the host of Your RV Dream Online Summit, asked long-term RVers how they manage to save and make money while they travel and live a life of freedom and adventure.
Notes from Your RV Dream Summit
Carol Ann Quibell ( RoamingRV )

Carol Ann is a freelance writer, columnist, author and traveller who doesn’t want to waste any more time sitting on the fence when she can be out travelling, exploring and meeting new people.

She is currently a full-time RVer who was an avid tent camper for many years prior to upgrading. Twenty-five years ago, when she was married, she and her husband travelled in a converted bus across Canada, the USA and Mexico for a year. She didn’t want to stop. She loves the freedom to live your life on your own terms that an RV lifestyle offers. She likes being able to take her home with her.

She grew tired of paying a mortgage, taxes and for the upkeep on her home - especially as she preferred to be off travelling. She was happy to say goodbye to her lawnmower.

She is currently staying in one place while working on a 6-month contract. She loves to write while she travels and writes for a number of RV magazines. Travel energizes her and gives her material to write about.

Carol Ann recommends you determine WHY you want the RV lifestyle before you take the leap. Once you know your WHY, you can figure out how to make it happen. She says it’s important to know your purpose ahead of time. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not just about driving around. She warns that false expectations and no advance research or planning can thwart your dreams.

Her best advice is, “don’t put it off until it’s too late.” If it’s something you want to do - do it. She hears from many RVers that they regret they didn’t choose this lifestyle sooner. Don’t let other people squash your dreams.
Ching & Jerud ( LiveSmallRideFree )

Ching and Jerud are full-time RVers who travel with two dogs. Their intention is to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Their goal is to live sustainably. They want to show people how to live sustainably on the road in an RV. They feel like they’re on the cutting edge of sustainable living.

They don’t spend much time in RV parks or in cities as they like green spaces and having the option to change the scenery outside their window. They stay in each location a couple of weeks or months. They travel intentionally and don’t burn a lot of gas.

They chose this lifestyle when they got tired of short vacations and wanted to stay longer when they travelled. They like to really get to know a place - not just be tourists. They’ve been full-time RVers for just over two years and they love the lifestyle. They enjoy outdoor recreation and living in their RV allows them the freedom to go where they want for as long as they want.

Their RV runs 100% off solar and don’t use a generator. They want to use as few fossil fuels as possible. They customized their RV to match their values. They found the adjustments they made were not too much different from how they had lived in a house. They have continuously Boondocked for 250 days. Every three weeks they go to a dump station and buy fresh water - as needed - about once a week. They buy much of their food in bulk.

There were additional upfront costs for the “green modifications” they made to their RV. Over the long-haul, they have saved money. They don’t need to plug into hydro to get power. They use eight golf cart batteries and have gone nine days without sun.

They enjoy places that are remote with lots of hiking and biking trails. Favourite places include, British Columbia, Utah, anywhere along the Pacific Coast and have a favourite spot in the Yukon.