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Travel is one of the best ways to reignite enjoyment in life. It can also spark your creativity and new ways to make a living.

We keep being told that Freedom 55 has turned into Freedom 85. So, why not earn while you travel and stop worrying you haven’t saved enough to retire?

Many Boomers are heading down the open road in an RV. Melissa Dafnis, the host of Your RV Dream Online Summit, asked long-term RVers how they manage to save and make money while they travel and live a life of freedom and adventure.

Notes from Your RV Dream Summit


Mike Wendland ( Mike is an award-winning Journalist. He did a lot of travelling with his work – but it was always short-term stays with the view merely as a backdrop. He chose to live in the scenery when he began his unRetirement second career.

He, his wife and their large dog, travel part-time in a Mercedes Camper Van that allows them to travel and park anywhere. He only wishes he’d started this lifestyle sooner. He loves seeing new places, but hates flying. Now he doesn’t need to.

When they started out, they packed too much with them. They soon decided to pare down. However, they often attach bikes and a kayak to their camper. He loves that there is an adventure around every corner. He likes to travel slowly on 2-lane highways – discovering quirky diners along the way.

Mike has discovered that RVing has opened up other hobbies. He’s started doing landscape photography, geocaching and fishing from a kayak. These are all things he’d never do at home. He writes about people, places and ideas to have more fun. He shares RV recipes from a Gourmet Chef and hosts a Podcast.

His favourite way to travel is via serendipity. He and his wife travel until only 3:30 in the afternoon, whenever they are driving. They do this so they can set up camp and explore the area before sundown. They rarely make reservations – so they don’t need to race to get somewhere.

His favourite spots include: the Panhandle of Florida, the Desert – especially around Tucson, Yosemite, Banff, and Glacier National Park. He loves Yellowstone but thinks it has gotten too crowded.

He says, the friends you make on the road will change your life. You’ll have friends all over the country – all bound by a love of travel and adventure. You might want to keep a Paper Journal to record the email addresses of your friends-of-the road.

If this lifestyle interests you, don’t wait too long or it might never happen. His best advice is to stop thinking about it and just do it!


Carolyn Rose (CarolynsRVLife) Carolyn felt trapped and unfulfilled in her conventional home and job. She craved freedom and adventure. She now lives full-time on the road with her dog.

As she is about to turn 50, Carolyn says she is now finding out who she really is. She gave up drinking which was a cover for her unhappiness. She was looking to simplify her life when she accidently stumbled upon the RV lifestyle and discovered a whole new world. Losing her job and her house made her realize she could live and work differently.

She loves being more in touch with nature and likes always having new places to explore. She lives mostly free of charge on Public Lands and makes her living as a Marketing Consultant. She recently changed her business model so she doesn’t need to be online full-time. She calls herself a Digital Nomad and says she gets the best signal with Verizon. She now needs to be online only a couple of days a week.

Carolyn scaled down her life and her possessions and started filming YouTube Videos. They became a source of income for her. She has met lots of folks living on Social Security who are also enjoying this lifestyle. If you’re still working, she says there are lots of options. If you need safety and security – you’ll need to be in Park – not on the road. She takes precautions to keep herself safe while solo-camping. She has previously travelled solo in Europe and gone on weeks-long hiking trips through the woods. She’s met up with lots of women solo-travelling. They trade tips with each other.

She loves that she can define her own life and customize her lifestyle to fit her own needs. Her only regret is not having a mechanic check out her RV before she bought it. It ended up costing thousands in repair bills.

She says it’s important to plan and save money prior to heading out. However, she thinks some people will only get that far. Don’t get stuck in the planning and saving. Hundreds of people have written her to let her know they had planned to go RVing – but then got sick. Now, all they can do is travel vicariously through others. If you want to do this, don’t delay.