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Travel is one of the best ways to reignite enjoyment in life. It can also spark your creativity and new ways to make a living.

We keep being told that Freedom 55 has turned into Freedom 85. So, why not earn while you travel and stop worrying you haven’t saved enough to retire?

Many Boomers are heading down the open road in an RV. Melissa Dafnis, the host of Your RV Dream Online Summit, asked long-term RVers how they manage to save and make money while they travel and live a life of freedom and adventure.


Mark Polk ( Mark trains RV owners about safety and maintenance of their RV. After helping folks buy a new RV, he realized people needed the knowledge about how to maintain it after driving it off the lot. He produces videos and books on almost every RV topic and has been answering questions on the subject for 17 years.

He recommends watching videos to see how to maintain an RV before you rent one to try out the lifestyle. You need to understand fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and tire pressure. These are safety items many forget are necessary.

Mark says the biggest mistake new RVers make is purchasing an RV that’s not suited their needs. Often folks purchase one that’s too big or too small for them and end up trading it in.

What he likes best about the RV lifestyle is that you can travel on your own schedule where and whenever you want.


Kimberly Travalglino ( Kimberly created a One-Stop-Shop online to help families who want to live and travel in a camper. She and her husband sold their home seven years ago to take their children traveling. There was no information to guide their decision. When they first started living the RV lifestyle, her children were age 7, 6 and 3 and she was pregnant with her fourth child.

This lifestyle was her decision and she had to convince her husband to go along with it. She loves living an Intentional Life and she’s happy to make intentional choices daily. She focuses on what matters and lives frugally while exploring the land. It has deepened their family relationships.

Her website offers a “safety net” for new families on the road. She provides support for homeschooling and teaches people how to work while travelling. Families stay on the road longer when they can gather in Community. She hosts Roadschool for Moms and organizes live Events four times a year so they can create an Intentional Community where their kids can interact with other kids living a similar life.

Kimberly says it can be a challenge travelling with children but it’s a richer journey with them as she gets to see the world through the eyes of a child. The lifestyle has ignited her passion for life.

She suggests people ask themselves: Are you trading your life energy for the life you want to live? Get a pen and a journal and a quiet place to think and write down why you want to pursue an RV lifestyle. What are you yearning after? Will an RV fulfill it? Are you escaping something or wanting to live intentionally while travelling? It’s important to understand your WHY for choosing this lifestyle.

Her motto is: “Let the world be your classroom.”