Travel is one of the best ways to reignite enjoyment in life. It can also spark your creativity and new ways to make a living.

We keep being told that Freedom 55 has turned into Freedom 85. So, why not earn while you travel and stop worrying you haven’t saved enough to retire?

Many Boomers are heading down the open road in an RV. Melissa Dafnis, the host of Your RV Dream Online Summit, asked long-term RVers how they manage to save and make money while they travel and live a life of freedom and adventure.

Notes from Your RV Dream Summit

Alan Sills ( RVAcrossAmerica )

Alan writes about living an entrepreneurial lifestyle. He initially bought an RV to use during Summer breaks from Teaching so he could travel and lead workshops. He has now been living and working from his RV for the past five years because he enjoys the freedom and adventure.

He recommends buying a smaller RV so you can park it anywhere. He worked as a Ski Instructor this past Winter. When shopping for an RV, find the best insulation to save money in both hot and cold weather. Some Ski area RV parks are pretty packed in the Winter.

On his website, he teaches how to buy an RV, the type to buy, inside tips on parks, navigational tools and Winter camping. He has a video that teaches how to RV during the Winter.

He enjoys his ability to wake up in a new location. He says when you travel off-season, you can easily get a waterfront property view at a very affordable price.

As a Teacher, Alan suggests travelling with children and teaching them on the road. It’s a great way to learn!


Marissa & Nathan Moss ( LessJunkMoreJourney )

Marissa and Nathan sold their home and their stuff because they felt like they were stuffaholics. They now focus on The Journey.

They started RVing after the birth of their daughter - so they could spend more time with her and moved full-time into an RV when she was six weeks old. They regret they didn’t think of this before they bought a house and all the stuff to fill it.

They enjoy seeing the world through their daughter’s eyes and get to teach her about the world as they travel. They move about once a week and go back to their Home Town several times a year to be with family.

They have a YouTube Channel and share videos two or three times a week. Their advice is to get the smallest RV you can feel comfortable in. Theirs is an Airstream. They Boondock about 30% to 40% of the time and also stay in a lot of State Parks.

Marissa says she had to adjust from being a stuffaholic. It was emotional for her to let go of her stuff - and it’s a constant struggle for her to get rid of something whenever they get something new. They keep a Donation Box to give away stuff they don’t use.

The majority of the work they do now is their Videos. Prior to that she was a Nurse and Nathan was a Computer Repair Tech. For a while they alternated between working in their Home Town and then heading back out on the road. It took a year to build up their video-making skills and to get lots of viewers.

They love the flexibility of the RV lifestyle and being able to travel while living at home. They admit it can be a challenge to parent while on the road working and travelling.

Advice for others is to take an educated risk and take the leap. Don’t get stuck in research mode. Have no regrets. Don’t let fear hold you back. You can always go back to your old life if RVing is not for you.