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Today I am welcoming Gina Akao as my guest blogger. She is the author of Tales of a Law School Dropout. Gina has now forged a new path and has never looked back with regret.

By Gina Akao (Guest Post)

I recently spent two weeks in Costa Rica and one week in Nicaragua for a friend’s wedding. My friends were studying abroad and getting married at the end of the semester. The wedding was held in Tambor, Costa Rica, literally an island paradise. The beauty about being the owner of Writing and Editing Today is that I was able to quadruple my list and even edit a book, all while on vacation. Before going on the trip, I prepared a guest article about WordPress blogs for D’vorah Lansky’s 30-day Book Marketing Challenge. During the first week of the challenge, my article was featured, and almost 90 people signed up for my free eCourse on my website. I had my laptop and access to the Internet at my hotel and set aside a few hours for editing in the afternoons, while I spent my days at stunning beaches. Best of all, my client sent me a glowing testimonial at the end of our project:

“Gina Akao arrived in my life in a timely manner. My book was almost complete and I needed an editor. Ms. Akao was very professional and was prompt with delivering the results to my editing needs. Her comments were honest and supportive. She also provided excellent suggestions on how I may optimize on my performance with re-purposing strategies. Thank you Gina Akao for working with me to complete my book.”

–Elizabeth Armstrong, Ph.D., author of Align with the Wild

Are you interested in freelancing? Would you like to work from anywhere around the world? Here are a few tips on how to get started:

  1. Use a proposal. Many years ago, I interned for a freelance writing firm and learned to outline freelance work in a proposal so that clients can easily see how many hours are billed for projects. I charge by the page for editing, so projects are merely a mathematical calculation. Don’t forget to factor in project management (the time it takes to answer questions or take client calls). You can accept electronic signatures or set up a Formidable form to have your client acknowledge the proposal before you start work.
  1. Charge what you’re worth. When you work flexible hours, you are also covering the costs of operating your business, so don’t undervalue your work. It is okay to offer discounts, but do some research on what the going rate is for the type of work you are doing. I regularly visit my local small business development center to discuss my business strategies. I also participate in mastermind groups with other small business owners to develop creative business solutions.
  1. Answer client emails within 24 hours. Even if you are on vacation, you might have access to WiFi in restaurants, hotels, or Internet cafes. Be prompt in answering emails but be sure to set boundaries so you’re not worried about work the whole time you are in paradise. Airports can be a good place with free Internet to get some work done.

Working while I was on vacation was both gratifying and surreal. I couldn’t believe I could get paid for work I loved while savoring time in one of the most amazing places I’ve ever visited! You can read my Costa Rica travelogue at

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Happy blogging!


Gina Akao is the owner of Writing and Editing Today. She offers editing services, virtual assistance, and social media maintenance to authors and small business owners.