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I am guessing you are here to connect with other women who want to:


  • Enjoy more Slow Travel Adventures.
  • Express your Authentic Voice.
  • Experience a Transformation.
  • Embrace Purpose, Meaning and Fun.
  • Engage with a Supportive Community. 


If you want to travel but think you can't afford it ...


I'm here to show you how you can.


I can help you create a Travel Lifestyle Plan that gets you excited to know you can travel and have fun making an income past the traditional age of retirement.


If you backpacked through Europe in your 20s, or wish you had, and now you'd like to know How to Save Money and Make an Income While You Travel, this is for you...

[ Backpack is Optional ]


This is definitely not your mother's retirement plan.


Take a look at my Online Course: How to Save & Make Money While You Travel


Website is being updated. Online Course is being transferred from Ruzuku to this page Summer 2017.


Reinvent your life and work through travel

Travel is one of the best ways to jumpstart your creativity while allowing you to explore other cultures, new ideas and to zero in on flexible work options that best fit your lifestyle AND - it's a fun way to step outside your comfort zone and make friends around the world.

Imagine going on vacation and returning having launched a new stream of income.

The "Gig Economy" involves a variety of short-term projects. This fits with our desire for more flexible hours and offers a variety of work options we can match with our lifestyle preferences.

When you attend a Retreat with me (Jan), you’ll identify your Core Values and understand how to express them in your Life and Work. You’ll explore a variety of Portable Income options that match your interests and you’ll be able to kick-start your creative juices by getting to know local artists and entrepreneurs. Self-employment is closely aligned with personal development. It starts with your Core Values and builds from there.


I currently offer One and Two-day workshops.


Month-long Retreats are in the planning stages.


If any of these words describe you, you’ll enjoy working with me.

Passionate / Fun / Friendly / Playful / Unconventional

Expressive / Laid-back / Creative / Spiritual / Entrepreneurial

When you attend a Retreat, you’ll be joining a group of women (maximum 12) who want to share ideas, explore a new location, collaborate and have fun. We are committed to reinventing retirement and fully enjoying our life and work.


When Liza Minelli sang Come to the Cabaret, she asked…

“What good is sitting alone in your room?

Come hear the music play.

Life is a Cabaret old friend.

Come to the Cabaret.”


There will be music during your Retreat. It is one of life’s pleasures!


The most fun and the biggest transformation always happens in person.

If you feel the same way, watch for upcoming Retreats.

A Retreat will help you put my Online Courses into action.



These are Retreat destinations I’m considering

Mexico   Bali   Thailand   Spain   Island of the Arts (Home Base)

Where would you prefer to travel?


In the meantime, I’ll be posting stories and interviews of women who live and work on their own terms on my Blog.

I look forward to meeting you.

Live your Dreams!



P. S. Are you ready to reinvent your life and work through travel?

Some folks enjoy solo travel. Others prefer to have a Guide. If you’d like a Guide to help you reinvent your midlife self and need someone to care about you and your midlife transition, contact me.