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Live the Artist's Way on the Island of the Arts, if you'd like to explore your Creativity and see if you can make an Income from it.

Welcome to the Island of the Arts - Gabriola ...

where Small is Beautiful.

5-Day Artful Living ISLAND RETREAT

Get a feel for what it’s like to live here.

You're invited to put the Online Course, Save & Make Money While You Travel into Action during an Artful Living Retreat.

Lynn and Alison ham it up at the Gabriola Theatre Festival market.

Travel + Creativity + Entrepreneurship

 Travel to the Island of the Arts.

 Use your Creativity to create your own Souvenirs.

Explore your Entrepreneurship opportunities.

There will be music, Art, nature walks and a variety of outdoor activities you can participate in.

Our Retreat will give you the Time and Space to explore your Creativity, enjoy some Island time and see how you can make an Income from it.

Many writers, artists and entrepreneurs spend their time in a new location because it gives them a new perspective, exposes them to new cultures, customs, ideas and scenery to enhance their creativity.

If you want to explore your creativity through music, I’ll introduce you to musicians who earn while they play. If you want to write, I’ll introduce you to writers who get paid to write. If you want to make jewelry, paint, do photography, work with clay or wood - the artists are all here. You can ask them questions and learn from them. Once you tell me your Interests, the Retreat will be customized for you.

Caroline can help you create your own Souvenir work of Art.

Experience Island living. Play with your Creativity.

See if you can make an Income from it.

You want a break from routine, like to travel and want to see if you can earn an income from your creativity. But, something is holding you back.

Do you ever find yourself thinking: 

  • I think I’m creative, but I haven’t had time to explore my creativity.
  • I don’t know anyone who’s explored their creativity while travelling.
  • I have no idea what kind of entrepreneurial opportunities are available.
  • I wouldn’t know how to start.

What if it was possible to combine

Travel + Creativity + Entrepreneurship?

I am offering a 5-Day Island Retreat to help you:

  1. Immerse yourself in Island Living.

The chaos and busyness of everyday life means you deserve some Island time so you can slow down, breathe in the ocean air and just relax.

  1. Learn from Local Artists and Entrepreneurs.

Learn from Artists who have walked the path you want to travel. Ask them about the Pros and Cons of making a living as an Artist. They can teach you and give you tips.

  1. Discover how to Express Your Voice through your Creativity.

You will have the time and space to explore your creativity and can dabble in as many mediums as you like. You will be able to find and express your voice as you explore your creativity.

  1. Explore your Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Discussions with living Artists can help you decide if their lifestyle is a fit for you. You’ll create items you may want to sell within our group. This will help you test whether you are able to release your treasures for a price.

  1. Draw inspiration from Island scenery and Nature.

Gabriola Island inspires many Artists. Whether you want forest, meadow, pond, sandy beach or rocky shore, you’re never far from the inspiration of the Salish Sea. It’s yours to discover.

  1. Take home Souvenirs you will create yourself.

 Take home a self-created, tangible memory of your visit.

  1. Leave with a Travel Plan for your Next Adventure.

 Know your Next Step on your Journey. Brainstorm ideas with our Community and perhaps find a friend to travel with.

View of The Haven Retreat Centre from the beach.

If you are a woman age 50+ who wants to explore how it’s possible to combine your Creativity with Travel and Entrepreneurship …

 I invite you to a Retreat on the Island of the Arts - Gabriola Island - on Canada’s West Coast.

Escape the chaos of Big City life and enjoy some Island time.

 Each Retreat is limited to a Maximum of 6.

 We will Co-create each Retreat together so it is customized just for you.  ( That’s why it’s limited to a maximum of 6 participants. )

Immerse yourself in my Community and experience a small Island with Artistic Charm - where Small is Beautiful.

If this Retreat sounds exciting to you - DOWNLOAD the Application for more information.

Leah is a well-loved local musician. You could join her for a song.



 May 2018  OR  September 2018

 Each Retreat is Mon. to Fri. so you have the option to arrive early or stay late. We start Mon. afternoon and end Fri. afternoon.

 ( Guaranteed to be the Best Work Week of your life. )

Individual Retreats can be arranged at other times.

The Gabriola Weaver’s Guild won First Place for this display.

Send me an Email if you’d like an Application or a Chat to learn more.

Life is a Creative Adventure. Enjoy the Journey.

Go Travel!

P.S. The RETREAT combines …

Travel + Creativity + Entrepreneurship

Travel to the Island of the Arts.

Use your Creativity to create your own Souvenirs.

Explore your Entrepreneurship opportunities.

 Save these Dates for your Island Retreat

 May 21 to May 25, 2018  OR  Sept. 24 to Sept. 28, 2018

Send me an Email if you’d like an Application or a Chat to learn more.

If you'd like a preliminary application - click here!