Santorini: Free image via Pixabay

If you are currently in your 50s, you’re likely thinking about retirement. If you are like many creative Boomer women, you haven’t saved enough for this 30-year vacation. You long for more freedom to travel. If you feel trapped in the job grind with no escape, what’s a girl to do?

The biggest mistake I see people make is retiring without having a Plan in place and testing it out ahead of time. Even when you have a Plan in place, like I did, you can make a vital mistake in not pre-testing it ahead of time.

When my layoff happened at age 57, I believed I was ready for self-employment. Dreams of being a Digital Nomad while I travelled, danced in my head. I saw this as my “retirement lifestyle career” that would give me more freedom to travel. Fooled myself. I was not prepared. I had not adequately tested the waters in advance.

When reality set in, I realized I’d somehow forgotten that technology is not my friend. I have now learned everything I never wanted to know about technology - the hard way.

I also discovered there are easier ways to Save and Make Money While You Travel - with or without an Internet connection. I can not only teach you how to do this, I can also help you reinvent your life and work via travel so you can test the waters ahead of time.

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