A number of women and men have influenced how I choose to live and work.


I’ll summarize what they’ve taught me.


See if you like their lessons.


Practical Side of Making a Living and a Life


Barbara Sher taught me "what you love is what you're gifted at." What you enjoy is what you're meant to do. She believes that "isolation is the Dream killer" and that we're meant to gather in community.

Barbara J. Winter promotes self-employment and having multiple sources of income. She’d like our Mission to be to leave the world better than we found it. She urges you to “thoughtfully consider what matters most to you and to build a life that supports it.”

Viktor Frankl tells us "we always have the freedom of choice, in spite of the worst conditions." He said our greatest desire is to find purpose and meaning.


Spiritual Side of Life and Work


Wayne Dyer believed our lives improve through self-awareness. "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." When we set a clear intention for the life we want to lead, there are no limits.

Kahil Gilbran emphasized "our work is love made visible." He urged us to "work with joy."

Rumi's poetry speaks about how to develop wisdom. It is by starting a long journey into yourself. Learn who you are at the core and what you stand for. His words are food for the Soul.


My favourite Quote from Rumi


There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled

There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled

You feel it, don’t you?


If this quote speaks to you – you are in the right place.


We crave purpose and meaning


The reason so many workers say they dislike their jobs ( 70% ) is because their work lacks personal meaning.


Wacky World of Western Values


No-one has ever told me their Dream is to work 5 Days a Week under the power and control of a close-minded Boss, doing meaningless work 9 to 5 while enduring a daily commute on crowded transit and roadways filled with rage – so that they can spend their precious Free Time doing something better.


Yet, that insanity defines the Western World.


Reclaim your life and put your work where your heart is.


Here’s what I’m often told…


“I don’t know what I want but what I need is a 6-figure income.”


The Online Business World is perpetuating this myth.

I’m sick of hearing it! It is B. S.

I’m not sure who they are conning – you or themselves.


Here’s a Truth they don’t want you to know…


You can enjoy a 6-figure lifestyle on

less than $30,000 a year!


There is an Escape Route


I’m alarmed when women nearing retirement age tell me they feel trapped in the Daily Job Grind and can’t see an Escape Route. They long to have the freedom to travel more often but can’t figure out how to afford it and their boss won’t give them the amount of vacation time they want anyway.

You’re likely not aware of the many women who already enjoy life on their own terms.

They know how to Save and Make Money While They Travel – and have been doing it for years.


Live Well on a Shoestring Budget


If you can’t bear the thought of another cold Winter, you’ll want to know how others manage to escape it. Your quality of life can actually go up during those dark, dreary days so you can enjoy the sunshine – and it needn’t cost you a fortune.


Travel Writer, Dan Prescher asks:

“If you knew you could live a happier, healthier, more exciting life in a place with better weather and high-quality health care for half the price you’re living right now…would you do it?”


As a Career Counsellor for 20+ years, people have told me they are suffering from…

  • Crushing personal debt with little retirement savings
  • Unaffordable housing
  • Under-employment
  • Overwork
  • Stress and Depression


Some of the Bad News stories clients have shared…


A divorced woman age 64, arrived in tears as she had been laid off 7 months earlier and was desperate to find a new job. She was also on a wait list for knee surgery. She asked the government to help her out until she was able to collect her Pension at age 65.

She was told, "No. Go sell your condo." This is the condo she had scraped and saved for 25 years to pay off so she wouldn't need to worry about paying rent when she retired.


A single woman age 57 had been unsuccessfully looking for work for more than a year.

She was desperate to find a job. She had a College Education and a well-written Resume. She had either hand-delivered or emailed out hundreds of copies of it. They all seemed to disappear into some kind of black hole.


A married woman age 59 was feeling desperate as her husband had cancer and she had to leave her job to care for him.

Now that he's gone, she is struggling to re-enter the workforce.


And what are government-funded Employment Agencies doing to help?


They’re still teaching Industrial Age job search tactics that don’t work in the New Economy.

I was allowed to offer clients help with: Resume and Cover Letter writing, Interview Skills practice and Wage Subsidy programs – if they met all the qualifications. Some other “old school” training was also available.

What I wasn’t able to help with was finding women a Meaningful Job that matched their Inborn Gifts, Personal Values, Skills they enjoy using, along with their Education, Interests, Passion or Purpose and have it fit with their lifestyle.


There is often a mismatch between the work job seekers are looking for and the jobs employers have available.


Our Changing Economy will take some time for us to catch up with the transition.


You may have heard Joan Baez sing Bread and Roses.


“Our lives shall not be sweated from birth until life closes;

Hearts starve as well as bodies; give us bread, but give us roses.”


I want you to enjoy both Bread and Roses!


Now, for some Good News…


A friend of mine, age 63, has been deliberately "homeless" for the past three years and has never been happier. She saves more money travelling than had she stayed home. So far, she's been across the United States, England, Scotland, France, Germany and Portugal.

Another friend, age 68, has twice enjoyed being hosted in Spain with all of her meals, accommodation and entertainment paid for, in exchange for speaking English with other guests.

I’ve met a woman who grew disillusioned with her job in her 40s, so she quit and started a now successful Internet business based on her photography. She, her husband and dog now live full-time on the road. They follow the sun to enjoy the best weather year-round.


It’s possible for you to follow a similar path.


There are many things we can’t control:


Personal Health issues, Layoffs, Divorce or Death of loved ones.


AND even Who wins an Election.

  • We need to be prepared for surprises.
  • We need to design the life and work we want.
  • We need to join hands with others who want a better life.


Media like to hype Politics, War and Economic Woe.


 Why not tell you about the opportunities available?


  • You are always voting on how to spend your time.
  • Direct your energy away from fear to focus on the possibilities.
  • Plan ahead so you are prepared for the unexpected.
  • Avoid all the post-Election drama and carve your own path.
  • Live a richer, less stressful and a more adventure-filled life.


We don’t need to wait for governments to change.

We can create our own change.


Much of the work in the future will involve short-term contracts.


The Gig Economy is growing daily. Use this to your advantage.

Tap into your unique gifts to create your ideal work.

Co-operation and collaboration are needed now.

Our greatest need is to feel understood and valued.

So many of us feel unheard, disenfranchised, frustrated, ignored and misrepresented. We long to be heard.

When your uniqueness is appreciated, you can thrive.


There’s a Revolution underway…


We are creating a Community that invites diverse insights so we can create something new that hasn’t existed before.

It’s a Co-operative Movement of Women working together.


Although our Community is geared towards women age 50 to 65 – all women are welcome here.


I emphasize this age range because I consider these 15 years to be the “danger years.”

If you are laid off during these 15 years, it becomes harder to find a meaningful job. And, you may be too young to collect a pension.

 Our Quality of Life is so important that we can’t wait for governments to get around to delivering it to us.


The New Economy has a host of opportunities.

You just need to know where to find them!


Here’s what I’ve learned from working with women in career transition over the past 20 years…


A woman wants:

  • More Time Freedom. FREEDOM is key.
  • Something to Make Her Life Easier.
  • Meaningful Experiences NOT more stuff.
  • A Community that Understands Her Needs.
  • Flexible Work that Fits Her Lifestyle.
  • To Be Seen, Heard and to Stop Feeling Invisible.


AND…as women…we ask a lot of questions.


Because we’re tired of being sold a lot of crap!


What women need so we can age well are three things:


  1. A Reliable Income.
  2. A Community of friends.
  3. A Mission worth living for.


Elder Entrepreneurship is a Movement


You might be surprised to learn that Entrepreneurship increases after age 65 – when government-sponsored health care and pension plans provide a Base Income that enables women to be able to enjoy meaningful work that fits into a Freedom Lifestyle.

However, you don’t need to wait until 65 to start the planning process.


Have you asked yourself - if I could work at something I love, what would that look like?


Self-employment is the best way to grow yourself and enjoy meaningful work. It seems to have replaced the Personal Development Movement.

If you want to really get to know yourself and confront your fears head-on – self-employment is the path for you.

It also has the potential to earn you a decent income.


Solopreneur Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight


It does take a long time and challenging work to build a sustainable business. It’s worth it AND it’s important to have fun and support along the way. It’s hard to be a Lone Ranger.


The Beauty in Community


As women, we enjoy each other’s company and like to support our like-minded sisters.

Having been a Workshop Facilitator for 20+ years, I recognize the awareness, growth and enjoyment that happens in a Community – along with the lifelong friendships that develop.

This is why I love to work with groups!

Working together, we can create the world we want to live in.


It Makes Sense to Plan Ahead


Financial Planners implore us to plan ahead for “retirement.” They scare us with pronouncements that “you can’t retire with less than a million in the bank.” That’s not true. The amount differs for each person.

You can enjoy a great lifestyle on much less than they’re telling you!

Besides – the trend is unRetirement – because that is the path to greater Purpose and Meaning.


Want to use your talent to make a meaningful difference?


If you’ve spent many years in the Daily Job Grind – it’s about time you sprung yourself into Freedom!


We have 3 Choices:


  1. Retire to a life of Leisure.
  2. Remain in the Daily Job Grind.
  3. Contribute to a better world by doing Meaningful Work.


What lifestyle do you long for?


What I know for sure is that Self-knowledge is essential prior to a Meaningful Career Change.

You can enjoy life more while also creating a better world.


Get your Bucket List out of your Junk Drawer.


Create your ideal Life/Work Plan. Then, live it.