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Whether you are looking for a new job or contemplating self-employment – you need to embrace marketing. Often people recoil at the very idea.

Considering a midlife career change? Have a look at the lessons learned from my participation in D’vorah Lansky’s 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge. She reveals the many ways to get your message out in front of the people who need to see it.

I’m off travelling on something called a ‘Blog Hop’ to spread the word about how D’vorah’s training can help other Boomers to work on their own terms – wherever they may roam. I know a lot of you are visiting my Blog because you have thought about: finding meaningful work, pursuing portable employment, wanting more flexible work arrangements, thinking about self-employment – and – I know that many of you have also dreamed about writing a book. Lessons learned during the Book Marketing Challenge can help with all of these.

Lesson #1

What’s your message?

Before you begin to write a Resume, Book or start a Business, you need to know what your purpose is.

  • Identify the focus of your Resume, Book or Business.
  • What’s your objective? Who is your target audience?
  • Who are you writing your Resume, Book or Business Plan for?
  • Eliminate everything that is irrelevant to the outcome you seek.
  • Keep your Core Values in mind as you complete these steps.
  • Focus on work that will be meaningful to you.

Lesson #2

How can you connect with your audience?

Just as a job search can take weeks, months and sometimes longer to connect you with your dream work, so can building a business with a book. Today, a job search is no longer confined to knocking on doors and dropping off a Resume – or to licking postage stamps and stuffing envelopes. In fact, many employers now insist you contact them via the Internet. They will likely look for you there before they meet with you. Clients and customers will seek you out online as well.

  • Does your Social Media profile reflect your message?
  • Do you have a profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or elsewhere?
  • Lots of Facebook users now attend Fan Page Parties.
  • What does your online presence say about your ‘Brand’? Your Brand is how people think of you when you are not around. It reflects the image you present to the world along with your personality, values, talents and interests. Don’t give out mixed messages.
  • Set up a Gravatar so your photo connects with your online comments.
  • Where would you find the employers, readers or clients who need your help?
  • Which Social Media channels do they gather on?
  • Do you have a Blog? Are you connected with other Blogs, online Talk Shows or Websites that cater to your interests?
  • If you have a book on Amazon, be sure to complete your Author Central Page.
  • Recognize that you have the opportunity to reach a wide international audience. People are free to visit you whenever they want with no worries about the Time Zone you’re in. And, you can visit them.
  • The travel costs are much lower and you can quickly hop from place-to-place, across the sea and home again.

Lesson #3

How can you create multiple streams of income? 

  • It’s no longer wise to ‘put all of your eggs in one basket’. An employer can pull the plug on your income at any time.
  • Identify several ways to earn a living.
  • Consider: A Part-time job, Self-employment and a Rental Suite.
  • For an Author this can include: Book sales, Teleseminars and Retreats.

Lesson #4

Strategies that deliver results. 

  • Develop specific, measurable Goals for yourself.
  • Where do you want to be one year from today? In three months?
  • What can you do this week to reach your Goal? What can you do today?
  • Seek honest reviews of your Book. Jobseekers need Employer References.
  • Realize that it will take time to achieve your goals. It’s important to avoid overwhelm. Pace yourself. Have fun and enjoy the process.
  • Support others in their job search or self-employment objectives.
  • Build a relationship both online and off with people who share your interests.
  • Investigate the value of Crowdfunding your next Book or Project.
  • Attend online Webinars or offline Workshops.
  • Participate in Forums that peak your interest.
  • Find a Support Group to brainstorm ideas with.
  • Get the training you need to move you forward.
  • If you are an Author, participate in as many Virtual Book Tours as possible. You’ll meet lots of great people.
  • Jobseekers can attend Job Fairs. From my experience though, a Book or Blog Tour is a lot more fun!