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What if climate change and our current economic unrest are setting the stage to transform our world in a more positive way? This may be a wake-up call to grow our humanity and create a better world.

We’re awakening to the fact that in wounding the Earth, we’ve harmed ourselves. Global pollution and our inner pollution are related. Our outer world reflects our inner world. Every step we take to heal our Planet is an act of self-healing.

Our busy, cluttered, over-stimulated lives create stress and exhaustion. We need a different path.

We yearn for the mystery and wonder that nature provides. Yet, we’re often out of touch with our natural world.

Find a quiet space and listen to the message your soul has for you. Sit with nature. Imagine a vision of the world you want to live in.

We take a 3-week guided tour and expect nature to show up on our schedule. “What time do the whales swim by?” I’ve been asked on the West Coast. Visitors left disappointed when I explained they have their own timeframe.

While waiting for my Island ferry, I watched with horror and amazement as a Bald eagle caught a seagull and ate it for lunch, while a boy on the bench beside me studied his cell phone. Spontaneous acts of nature were not on his agenda that day. He missed the rainbow too.

We’re distracted. We’re connected with technology most of the day and night but not with the world around us. Now’s the time to connect with what it is our soul is asking for so we can create our own tranquility.

Simplify your life. Surround yourself with natural beauty. Spend most of your time doing things that bring you joy.

If you feel trapped in the 9 to 5 job grind, make plans to escape. Many of us long for more freedom and flexibility in our lives, and for work that serves a meaningful purpose.

Express your inborn gifts and authentic self. You don’t want to reach your 90th birthday and spend the day lamenting your regrets. Stop hiding your bucket list in your junk drawer. Take it out and act on it.

Join a supportive community to help you stay on track. It may also improve your mental health. When there are more happy people in the world, it becomes a better place for all of us.