I’m posting these because this may be of interest. If you are not already in one of these professions, neither list may appeal. It definitely looks like everyone needs to stay in school longer!

Top 10 Worst Jobs in Canada – for job prospects

  1. Plastics processing machine operator
  2. Printing machine operator
  3. Foundry worker
  4. Labourer, wood, paper & paper processing
  5. Rubber processing machine operator
  6. General office clerk
  7. Harvesting labourer
  8. Weaver or knitter (not craft artists)
  9. Photographic & film processor
  10. Pulp mill operator

Top 10 Best Jobs in Canada – for job prospects

  1. Aerospace engineer
  2. Chemical engineer
  3. Senior government manager
  4. Real estate or financial manager
  5. Lawyer
  6. School principal or administrator
  7. Electrical or telecommunications contractor
  8. Petroleum engineer
  9. Head nurse or health care manager
  10. Oil & gas drilling supervisor