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About Janine (Jan) L. Moore

My purpose is to help Boomer women enjoy a meaningful work path that fits their lifestyle. 

It all started when two events happened back-to-back.

A friend five years younger than me got sick. Her breast cancer had returned. We had a long talk about her job. She told me she was unhappy with her job, was working long hours, and wished she knew how much time she had left so she’d know if she had saved enough for retirement. She had dreams she’d like to fulfill, but felt trapped in the security her job provided. She kept her job and died at age 52, less than two years after that conversation.

Then, my job changed dramatically.

I’ve been a Career Counselor for 20+ years. Shortly after Cynthia’s death, my career counseling contract changed. The result was a cut to services for clients and a huge increase in tedious and unfulfilling bureaucratic paperwork.

My layoff notice was a relief.

I realized I could be of more benefit to clients outside of the system. I’m not a typical career counselor. I’m more likely to talk you out of a crappy job than into one. I want you to live with passion and purpose and to have fun making a difference while making a living.

As it turns out, I’m not alone. A lot of Boomer women are now looking for work that makes a difference. We are reclaiming the idealism of our youth and looking for ways to leave the world better than we found it. This is not so different from what many members of Gen Y want. My hope is that the generations will work together to leave a legacy worth leaving.

What about those traditional job search tools?

As a former government-funded Career Counsellor, I witnessed the increasing despair of laid-off workers. After months of helping clients craft resumes, cover letters and practice answering interview questions, the resumes were sent off and seemed to disappear into a black hole with no response back.

Today, you really need to tap into the Hidden Job Market by networking in person and via Social Media. It really is all about who you know and who knows you.

Often, clients would land a job only to return a few months or years later, having been laid off again – or forced to quit due to intolerable work conditions.

Turns out, it was the jobs that were the problem.

The problems clients said they experienced on the job were:

  • Too much power and control exerted over them by managers.
  • The stress of office politics, hierarchy and bureaucracy.
  • Few opportunities for creativity and initiative.
  • Inflexible hours that couldn’t accommodate family needs.
  • Forced to take short vacations at times dictated to them.
  • Uncertainty about how long their job would last.

What can you do to enjoy your work?

You first need to get clear about your Core Values at this time in your life. How would you prefer to spend your time? How can you use your skills and interests to make a living from something you are truly passionate about? How can you overcome the fears that hold you back?

Career Search can be Fun!

I believe you can create your own ideal future of work to perfectly match who you are. Sidestep the people telling you it can’t be done and learn from those who have already done it. I have several mentors.

My own path.

My ability to be able to enjoy work-life balance was a long, hard uphill battle, but I was finally able to make it happen. It was a relief to give up my alarm clock, the daily commute and be able to set my own hours. I want you to enjoy your own life and work – and to receive a helping hand over the rough spots.

My background includes a MA in Leadership & Training and extensive counselor training. I am a qualified instructor of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and am certified in three areas: Life Skills Coach, Senior Advisor and Retirement Coach. I read a lot and am devoted to lifelong learning.

I live with my husband Tony and little dog Newman, surrounded by creative artists of all types. My Island home is known as The Isle of the Arts. It is on Canada’s West Coast. My love of music often has me out Morris dancing, singing and playing out-of-tune songs on my ukulele or traveling around in our RV.

I hope you will bring your own voice to the table and create your ideal future.

To get you started,

Download the eBook: Create Career Joy!

You can walk through the 10 steps alone or gather a group of friends to go through the process with you. Brainstorming can give you some great ideas you would never come up with on your own.

Don’t be afraid to live your dreams!