10,000 people turn 65 every day. When you chat with fellow Boomers many are planning to leave their jobs and start another career. The term ‘encore careers’ may be the new norm. People are reassessing their lives to see if what they are doing has personal meaning and positive social impact. If we need to keep working because we need an income, why not make a difference at the same time?

Seven reminders to remain employable:

  1. Look for opportunities in health care, education, small business, fitness and non-profit organizations. These are popular choices for midlife career changers and employers in these fields tend to respect and reward experience.
  2. Ageism exists – how can we address it? The best way to combat ageism is by being physically fit, vibrant and by showing energy and enthusiasm for living.
  3. Technology can be a sore point for those of us who were not weaned on it. However, it is not optional. Most jobs require technology skills to be current with the times. Only about 10% of Boomers use Social Media. However, employers use it both to post job openings as well as to investigate potential employees. Seriously consider creating a LinkedIn profile, getting onto Facebook  and even using a Twitter account. I make this recommendation with a bit of a heavy heart because Social Media is not a huge interest for me. But – I do recognize the role it plays in today’s economy. In most fields, if you are not current with technology, you will be left behind.
  4. Show employers that you are flexible in terms of changing job duties. Most work today comes with a constantly changing job description. You’ll really just need to go with the flow. It’s also a good idea to let employers know that you are open to working with younger workers, including younger managers. Recognize that different generations can mentor each other.
  5. Be prepared to do a skills makeover. Consider going back to school. Many colleges and universities cater to midlife career changers. You will likely have plenty of peers returning to school with you. Lifelong learning is essential. Having the chance to study something you are deeply interested in can be a pleasure. It will also keep your brain young and active.
  6. Stay engaged with your passion. When you work in a field you are passionate about, it doesn’t feel like work. You will be motivated to stay on top of any changes. Is there anything you would like to contribute to your field of work that you haven’t had time for before now? Pursue it.
  7. Consider the path of self-employment – even if only on a part-time basis. It will grow you in ways you never imagined. Entrepreneurship is the best class in personal development you will ever find. Explore your options, connect with existing entrepreneurs and find a support group if you think this option is right for you. Have fun.