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  • In the USA about 10,000 people retire every day.
  • In Canada, more than 1,000 people retire daily.
  • In the last 90 years longevity has increased nearly 30 years.
  • Today’s retirees may live 30 to 40 years past retirement. This used to be life expectancy just a few centuries ago. Today, some people may spend more time in retirement than in the workforce.

  • The average age of a ‘first retirement’ is 57.5 years of age.
  • When Germany introduced the Old Age Pension in 1883, age 65 was ‘old.’ People were expected to collect it for less than two years.
  • 69% of workers age 45 to 74 expect to continue working past today’s ‘retirement’ age.
  • 59% of Baby Boomers intend to work or participate in community volunteer work after retirement.
  • Nearly a third of Canadians will be over 60 by 2030.
  • People over 60 will out-number people under 14 by 2050. (Worldwide stat from a United Nations report.)
  • Canadians age 50+ represent 40% of all Canadian households.
  • People age 50+ make up the fastest growing segment of Internet and email users.
  • Today’s retirees are highly mobile and very adventurous.
  • Dr. Beth Abramson, spokesperson for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada says Baby Boomers are less fit and more overweight than today’s seniors, yet 80% think they will enjoy a longer life expectancy than previous generations.
  • Depression is common among reluctant retirees. People whose sense of self-esteem is dependent on the work they do are particularly at risk.
  • The vast majority of prospective retirees have not done any planning for the future and only a small number have explored beyond the financial issues.
  • Retirement is the time to enjoy the activities you promised yourself you would like to do ‘someday.’ What haven’t you done that you wish you had done? Plan a way to do it now. We need to create options for ourselves. Have a Plan A, a Plan B and maybe even a Plan C.
  • Preparation and knowledge are the keys to a happy future. Retirement is a process – not an event. Enjoy the journey!